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Project "Indigo" is a multimedia exploration of collaborative music. The purpose of this collaborative project is to develop a demo/variety album that interprets 8 different genres over the course of 1 year. I was inspired by a desire to use my work as an avenue to pursue things I would not normally undertake. Through this project, I will actively become more in tune with my artistic practice while allowing this process to become more refined. In this sense, Indigo is a journey of growth that looks to the past, as a means of crafting the future. The main purpose of this project and the format it follows is to encourage me to grow and push myself in ways that will allow me to become the ultimate version of myself, no matter how often the definition of that concept changes over the course of one year. Through this journey, its documentation, and the completion of this project, I want to explore what it means to be the artist "Jupiter", what it means to be "Alyssa" and what it means to overlap those two concepts that ultimately merge to form my self. I will use this project to draw influence from other artists, times, and mediums, and to engage my listeners in new way by immersing them in my process more than ever before. Ultimately, this project will be an artistic road trip with many pit stops, interactions, and reroutes along the way. I look forward to the road ahead. 



Inside the Mind of JDB

You can be a candle or a raging fire. Whatever you do, ignite.
— Jupiter Dubois




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